Tax Collector Audrey Hudak

If you have questions regarding your Thornbury Township tax bill or tax payments or to obtain a tax duplicate, tax certification, or tax receipt please call 610.399.1945

Mail: Tax Collector, Thornbury Township, 800 E. Street Road, West Chester, PA 19382
Pay in Person:  Thornbury Township Building, 800 E. Street Road, West Chester, PA 19382
Phone: 610.399.1425 ext. 102

Thornbury Township Tax Certifications & Duplicate Bills

Please note that requests for Thornbury Township tax certifications and duplicate bills should be made in writing to the  Tax Collector, 800 E. Street Road, West Chester, PA 19382.  Applicable fees are payable at the time the request is made.  Checks should be made payable to “Thornbury Township”.

Please allow a minimum of one (1) week for processing.

Tax Collector Services

  • A fee of $25.00 for each tax year certification per folio requested for the Township.
  • A fee of $40.00 for each tax certification per folio requested within 72 hours of settlement for Township taxes.
  • A fee of $20.00 for each duplicate tax bill issued.
  • A fee equal to the actual bank charge incurred by the Township plus $20 for each check used in payment of tax certification fees that is returned unpaid due to insufficient funds.

Real Estate Tax

Thornbury Township Real Estate Tax is set at 0.995 mills.

Earned Income Tax

Thornbury Township has a one percent (1%) Earned Income Tax (EIT) which is levied on wages and salaries of individuals who live in Thornbury Township. West Chester Area School District receives half (.5%) of this tax and Thornbury Township receives the other half (.5%). The Earned Income Tax is collected by Keystone Collections Tax Administrator. You may visit them on the web at

Local Services Tax

Thornbury Township levies an annual $52.00 Local Services Tax (LST) from employees working in the Township. The Local Services Tax is collected by the Keystone Collections Tax Administrator.  You may visit them on the web at