The following areas of the Township are currently connected to sanitary sewer systems:

  • The Commons at Thornbury
  • Shoppes at Dilworthtown Crossing
  • Brandywine at Thornbury Development
  • The Greens at Penn Oaks
  • Sage Hill Development
  • College Hill Drive
  • The Preserve at Squire Cheyney

Except for service along College Hill Drive, all sewered areas are served by outside entities.  The College Hill Sewer System is owned by the Township.  The Preserve at Squire Cheyney is connected to Thornbury, Delaware County’s system. All others are managed by Aqua.  The Township provides oversight on all sewer systems in the Township to ensure that all state and federal standards are met.

Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are used on low-pressure sewer systems.  Specific regulations are prescribed in the Township Code regarding these systems. For more information see Chapter 105 Article VIII, Low-Pressure Sewer Systems.

For College Hill residents, please click here for the Homeowner’s Guide to Reporting Grinder Pump Do’s & Dont’s.

College Hill Sewer System 

The College Hill Sewer System is a low-pressure sewer system, which requires each property to have a sewer pump.  The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the pump and the lateral pipes up to the connection point at the right-of-way line (the curb box).  The Township is responsible for the sewer main and laterals that are located within the right-of-way.

Users of the system are billed on a quarterly basis by the Township.  A permit is required to connect into the system.  Please contact the Township for more information on connecting to the system.