Septic Management

In accordance with the Clean Streams Law, the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, and Township Ordinance, Thornbury Township is to provide for adequate sewage treatment facilities and for the protection of the public health by prohibiting the discharge of untreated or inadequately treated sewage. A sewage management program has been established to effectively prevent and abate water pollution and hazards to the public health caused by improper treatment and disposal of sewage.

The Township Code provides regulations for regular cleaning of on-lot sewage disposal systems (septic tanks, holding tanks, cesspools, etc). It also permits intervention by the Township in situations which may constitute a public nuisance or hazard to the public health, and establishes penalties and appeal procedures necessary for the proper administration of a sewage management program.

Requirements for Homeowners with On-Lot Sewage Systems

The operation, maintenance, and repair of on-lot sewage systems is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Construction, repair, or replacement of an on-lot sewage system is subject to the appropriate permit from the Chester County Health Department.

Owners of septic tanks, cesspools, aerobic units, and the like are required to have their tanks pumped and the contents disposed of in a licensed sewage disposal facility at least once every three years.  Such work shall be performed by a contractor that is licensed by the Chester County Health Department.

After the tank has been pumped and the contents disposed, proof of the work shall be provided to the Township such as a copy of the receipted bill.  

The owner of a retaining tank (different than a septic tank, cesspool, or aerobic unit) shall enter into a written contract with a Chester County Health Department licensed septic tank contractor requiring periodic pumping and disposal of the tank’s contents in accordance with the schedule required by the permit which authorized the installation and use of the retaining tank system. A copy of the contract shall be filed by the owner with the Township annually and shall be effect and valid for a period of at least one year.