Permits are required for various types of improvements, particularly when making any structural changes, installing a fence, pool, or shed. To verify if a permit is required, please contact Teresa DeStefano at the Township Building. 610-399-1425

Permit Fees MUST be paid at the time the permit application is submitted to the Township.  Permits will not be processed until payment has been received.  Please refer to the current year Fee Schedule.

For all inspection requests: The permit holder is required to call or email a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the desired inspection date. Inspections requests should be sent to (preferred) or call 610.566.7044

Electrical inspections: call Len Warren 610-399-5094

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a contractor applying for permits, you must submit an Owner’s Authorization Form which requires the property owner(s) signature(s).


Resolution 2024-9 Fee Schedule

Resolution 2024-10 Fee Schedule for Conditional Use, Subdivision and Land Development and ZHB

Agritainment-Agritourism Permit

Building Permit A Zoning Permit is required with all Building Permits.

Electrical Permit

Mechanical Permit Generator permits require the following submissions with the permit: diagrams of the wiring plan and gas piping including location of all shut off valves; location of the unit on the property; and unit specifications (cut sheet).

Plumbing Permit

Pyrotechnic Material Permit

Zoning Permit A plot plan is required with a Zoning Permit. A “plot plan” is an accurate drawing or map of your property that shows the size and configuration of your property and precise location of all man-made structures (i.e. buildings, walls, driveways, walks, fences, etc.) and all bodies of water and water channels (ponds, streams, swales, etc.) A plot plan should show what currently exists on your property and what is being proposed.

Fire Protection Permit

Owner Authorization

Park Pavilion Use Application

HPC Application for Review

Solicitation Permit

Grading & Stormwater Application 2024

Stormwater Agreement revised 9-2022

Subdivision-Land Development Application

Tenant Registration Form

Zoning Hearing Board Application (Eight Copies of Total Application Required refer to Zoning Hearing Board for additional documentation requirements)

Conditional Use Application (Twenty copies are required.)

Thornbury Zoning Map Adopted October 2020


Avoid Home Improvement Headaches – A Research Guide For Homeowners

Construction Runoff

County Assessment Notice

Deck Construction Guide

Contractor Registration (Consumer Protection Act 132)

Home Heating Oil Releases From Oil Tanks

Permit FAQ’s

Swimming Pool Water Discharge Guidelines

Tips for Hiring a Contractor – A Guide to Selecting a Responsible Contractor

Tips for Residential Heating Oil Tank Owners

Underground Tank System Closure Requirements

United Construction Code Statue PS 35

What Do you Mean I need a Permit? – A Consumer Guide to Building & Zoning Permits