Thornbury Township, Chester County

About the Twp.

Thornbury Township, Chester County was organized in 1687 when just six families occupied this land.  Prior to its founding, the Delaware Indians traversed the beautiful rolling landscape.  Both branches of Chester Creek meander through Thornbury and flow to join the Delaware river.  The Battle of Brandywine during the Revolutionary War was partially fought in Thornbury Township.  It was one of Thornbury's citizens, Squire Thomas Cheyney, who informed Washington of the approach of the British. 

Today, It is a charming area with winding country roads.  It has evolved from a rural area to suburban residential neighborhoods.  Thornbury Township has seen tremendous growth over the last decade and only a few key parcels and several smaller parcels remain undeveloped. Our current challenge is to take strong municipal action to preserve our Township's key remaining resources while regulating new development in a way that limits it's impact on our existing residents.  

Township Mission Statement

       The Board of Supervisors of Thornbury Township, Chester County,

      through leadership, commitment and prudent spending will: 

      Preserve the rural character, natural and scenic resources, history and quality of life valued by Thornbury residents while regulating new development in a way that limits its impact on our residents and respects the unique character of Thornbury Township

      Maintain a safe and efficient circulation system, both vehicular and non-vehicular, while maintaining the current function of the road network to bring about the most beneficial relationship between land use and the traffic circulation patterns throughout the Township

      Ensure that Township residents are provided with a high quality water supply in sufficient quantities to meet present as well as future needs

      Review, update and improve the Townships Emergency Operations Plan including police, fire and ambulance services 

      Provide recreational opportunities and secure open space that will enhance the quality of life for Township residents

      Inform and educate our residents and business owners, via the Townships web site and newsletter, on issues that affect our Township

RESOLVED by the Thornbury Township, Chester County, Board of Supervisors this 2nd Day of April, 2002.


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